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Jack has worked in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry for the past 21 years and is passionate about delivering growth, building strong teams, and doing it in a positive way.

Finish through the whistle.

Make every day count.

In Snap & Go, Jack Harnedy correlates the average punt play in football with extraordinary leadership lessons in life.

For Teams.

If you're feeling stagnant.

Jack will deliver a message on firing off the ball and making the next right move—not dwelling on the past.

For Business.

If you're not seeing growth.

Jack will inspire growth through a message on strategy, consistency, and attention to every detail.

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grit from the 90's.
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As any leader knows, war is won in the trenches. Jack Harnedy knows the "trenches" full well as a former D1 long-snapper at Northwestern University.


Ask yourself: is my team finishing through the whistle? Or merely playing a few seconds each week?


Decide if you need extra motivation from the outside—from a man who knows how to win on the inside.


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Great dads make great leaders.

prioritize accordingly.

Leading a team of any kind starts with leading the most important team there is: one's family. Jack and his wife have two children, and leading them well is part of how Jack encourages teams and professionals across any industry.

In my time working with Jack, he was and continues to be an inspirational leader, drawing essential business and life lessons from his time in Trenches as a member of the Northwestern Wildcats O-line. These lessons were essential to forming, shaping, and advancing our business culture on the team and spoke loud and clear to the concepts of servant leadership, practicing and preparation (not just showing up in “game day”), and standing together in the trenches to accomplish team goals which were wildly more important than personal goals. To this day these lessons ring true in the foundation of my leadership work with the teams I have had the privilege of leading since working with and for Jack.— Tom Choi, Vice President, The Kellogg Company

Snap & Go is the perfect resource for individuals who want to take their leadership to the next level. I highly recommend this book!— Alex Demczak, Bestselling author of The Sale and Thrive U

I have enjoyed the good fortune of working with Jack Harnedy as a sports marketing client for the past 10 years.  He quickly became more than a client but also a colleague, friend, and even a mentor.   His peaceful, easy and outgoing personality that draws you in, belies the underlying focus and intensity that make him a winner in business and in life. Snap and Go is a gift to us all from one of the great friends, fathers, and business leaders of our time.— Tad Geschickter, Owner of JTG Daugherty Racing

In business and in life there are so many correlations with sports, especially when it comes to teamwork, competition and preparedness. Jack seamlessly brings this to life through his authentic voice and real-life stories, in his quest to make every day count.— Christina Groth, Vice President Merchandising, The Kroger Company

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